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Let me explain how

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Fertility is not a quick fix, it is about whole-body nourishment. My goal in working with you is not just to simply ‘boost’ your fertility, but rather thinking about long-term sustainable healthy living so that we grow and nurture a healthy baby who will be brought into a thriving family.

I recognise that everyone’s journey is different, and, for this reason, I offer 3 levels of support:

My Programmes

Fertility Roots Programme

(12 weeks)

You have just decided you'd like to start a family - congratulations!
Preconception is the most impactful time when it comes to the lifelong health of your child. This personalised programme is for those of you at the start of your journey. Your future baby is so lucky that you have committed this time and energy to their future health and happiness, and it it's my absolute honour to support you. 

Fertility Roots
Pregnant woman practising womb meditation in nature.
New mum tenderly holding her baby in nature at sunset.

You have been trying to conceive, unsuccessfully, for some time - I see you and I feel you!

Maybe you are starting to lose faith in your ability to birth a baby into the world naturally and are considering IVF or other assisted fertility route. This programme is for you couples who feel as though you’ve already tried 'everything'.
Your body is not failing you, you just need the right support, and it's my absolute pleasure to be your guide. 

(12 weeks)

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This package is particularly suited to you if you already have a specific diagnosis (such as PCOS or endometriosis), or perhaps you are preparing for IVF or other assisted fertility route. 

For couples who want all of the above, though with more focus and accountability
By meeting with me virtually every week, we are holding each other accountable, showing up and taking action. I'll hold your hand every step of the way. 

Postnatal mother cuddling her newborn baby in bed.

Book your free call to discuss which level of support best suits your unique needs

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All package prices start at £750 per couple

Client testimonial sharing her thoughts on why this is a great womb and fertility practitioner to work with.

What women say about me 

"When you make space in your body and mind, it opens up a gateway for other things, and a few months later I became pregnant. To anyone thinking of working with Liz - Oh my goodness - do it! Do it now. Have no fear. Just jump in with 2 feet. You won’t be disappointed."

Lex Cuppleditch, age 37,
Head of Volunteering at Cycling UK

Frequently asked questions

Still undecided?

Well, here’s some food for your thoughts…

The cost of private fertility treatment costs around £5000, plus additional costs for medicines, consultations and testing. Although NICE recommends up to 3 cycles, few local NHS services are able to offer more than one nowadays. Furthermore, the success of any assisted fertility treatment is largely influenced by the characteristics and lifestyle of the individual who is having that treatment (NICE, 2013).

As a society we don’t invest in health. Two thirds of our population may be considered 'unhealthy' - that is - obese or have an underlying health issue (Martin, IHCAN, 2011). Yet we spend £2,000 on an average family holiday, up to £1,000 on an annual gym membership, £400 on our TV subscription, £1300 per household on clothes per annum, £660 on alcohol, £3,000 on restaurants and hotels… yet only £350 on health (ONS, 2020). We invest in the things that are important to us and the things that make us feel good. You have to decide if this investment is right for you.

Postnatal mother staring lovingly at her miracle baby after 5 yearf infertility journey and 3 miscarriages.

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